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In 2022, my hometown of Calloway County will be 200 years old. I’m working alongside many others to develop a commemorative history book sponsored by the Calloway County Fiscal Court. The publisher is Doug Sikes, owner of Acclaim Press.

Members of the Calloway County Genealogical and Historical Society are working with me to contribute to and promote the book. There is still time for you to come forward with your ideas and submissions for the book. If you want to write something, you can. If you'd prefer not to write but you've got an idea for something to be included, please get in touch with Bobbie at

The deadline for submissions is September 1, 2021.

Submission guidelines are available by clicking here.

Example stories included in the book include:

Special Sponsorships

Special pages are allocated for sponsorships so that those interested can shine a spotlight on their contributions to the county's history. If 

you're organization, your business or your church wants to have a larger space or more photographs, that's possible.

Get in touch with either Bobbie or Gina, and we will make sure your sponsorship is included.

Pre-Order Information

Pre-ordering for Calloway County Kentucky: The First 200 Years, 1822-2022 is now available! Click here to pre-order now. The book will be distributed November 3rd, 2022 at the Founder's Day event.

Martha Layne Collins High School in Shelby County
February 2021

The Upper Room recently informed me that one of my devotionals has been accepted for publication. The meditation is based upon Psalm 147:7 and  will be published in January 2022. 

My last devotional  was published in March of 2020 and you can read it here:

Jackson Purchase Historical Society 
Bobbie Smith Bryant
View the Zoom presentation given by Bobbie Smith Bryant during the 2021 Winter Meeting of the Jackson Purchase Historical Society on January 23, 2021. 

The title of the program was “Cooking the Kentucky Way,” a social and cultural history of food and food making in the Jackson Purchase.

Celebrate Our Farming Heritage
Smith Farms 2015
L-R: Bobbie Bryant, Olivia Anderson, and Jane Piercy. at Kentucky Humanities presentation at the Wayne County Public Library in Montcello, Kentucky, August 27, 2015.